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Словари, русификаторы, и другие программы для КПК: Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian OS ( Psion )
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Handwriting recognition system for LinuxPenReader - Система распознавания рукописного текста для платформы Linux

Система распознавания рукописного текста для платформы Linux

PenReader for Linux is a demonstration of its cross-platform comptibility and portability. Nowadays PenReader kernel is compilable and works on

  • all Windows CE supported processors
  • Windows Intel platform,
  • Symbian Releases 5 and 6,
  • partially on Palm OS.

PenReader kernel is written in C++ and is compilable for all supported platforms from the same source files without modifications, providing feature equivalence for all platform versions.

Current version of PenReader for Linux has open API and is implemented as an on-line handwriting recognition demo at http://try.penreader.com. WEB portion of demo is implemented as a Java applet, wich collects handwriting trajectories coordinates and passes them along with language code via http POST protocol to a WEB PenReader kernel, implemented as a Linux cgi script. PenReader Linux kernel Java applet sources for the demo are available on request, WEB kernel call API can be found in html code of a demo version. Current version of PenReader for Linux can also be used directly be sending a direct http request to try.penreader.com - for example this GET method call


is a trajectory of lowercase english a, wich returns an html file with a unicode encoded (a). Call parameters are:

  • first argument is a language code (see html source for details)
  • all other arguments are single stroke coordinates arrays (x1;y1;x2;y2; ... xn;yn;).

Multiple strokes are separated by double semicolumn - x1;y1;x2;y2; ... xn;yn;;x1;y1;x2;y2; ... xm;ym;; ...

Current version support all languages and returns the result in a unicode from to provide multilanguage support.

Click here for on-line demo.

If You need any further comments or have questions on compiling PenReader kernel for Your processor or deploying currently available WEB demo - please contact us.


Handwriting recognition system for Windows
Распознавание рукописного ввода для Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Многоязычный PenReader 2005 для Tablet PC
Handwriting recognition system for Pocket PC

Бесплатные аксессуары и программы для Вашего КПК.
 PenReader (Распознавание)

On-line demo


[Октябрь 12, 2006]
Словари для настольных компьютеров от Paragon Software

[Май 18, 2006]
Now Penreader.com is in Spanish.

[Май 18, 2006]
Now Penreader.com is in Spanish.

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